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Spring Mountains
OrangeSquare   Announcements
OrangeSquare   Rapid Monthly Statistics

System Averages April-2016

Borrowing Requests Percent of Requests Filled Average Filled Turn Around Time (Hours)

129,305 97% 10.56

OrangeSquare   Current Members
Academic M 114  participants
Academic Pod E (Extensive) 114  participants
Academic Pod I (Intensive) 138  participants
ARL Pod 74  participants
ASERL 33  participants
Boston Library Consortium 23  participants
California 26  participants
ConnectNY 24  participants
Cosmo Pod 199  participants
JULAC Pod 9  participants
Maryland 15  participants
Medical Pod 27  participants
Michigan Pod 7  participants
Oberlin Pod 30  participants
PALCI Pod 39  participants
Prospector 12  participants
SCELC 28  participants
SECAC 14  participants
Taiwan 15  participants
VALE Pod 8  participants

Document Suppliers
(Anyone may participate with document supplier libraries)